Get connected. Expand your horizons.

The technology landscape is constantly evolving with revolutionary strides in data, mobility and networking technologies. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and astronomical amounts of data are being constantly produced, shared and consumed. Businesses need to take advantage of these innovations that enable them to push the boundaries of their market and get closer than ever to their customers. And to achieve this, they need solution partners that help them tap into the endless potential of technology.

At Stellosys, we see technology as a vehicle for transformation. Whether we are engaged in developing products for a particular industry or providing solutions to a customer, our quest is to leverage technology to deliver value for all the parties involved - from the businesses through customers, partners and suppliers.

Our mission statement: Driving value through innovation

Stellosys develops and markets cutting-edge solutions for the freight forwarding industry. Our Logipulse suite of products provide a vast array of features that helps freight forwarders improve their operational efficiency and transparency, provide better services to customers and remain competitive.




Our Services business is aimed at providing our customers with solutions that deliver the maximum Return on Investment. We have a dedicated services team with deep expertise in various technologies and a proven delivery model that is tuned to consistently deliver our services on time and with high quality.